Electric Guitar

The best person to guide us on this is Brett Kingman, legend Aussie guitarist currently with James Reyne. Brett has an awesome YouTube channel that you need to subscribe to – Check it out.

I have dozens of guitars here. The ones I always come back to are Telecasters or close derivatives. They’re fun to play, sound amazing (will cut through any band or recording mix) and look cool. And you can use them for all styles with a little manipulation of your amp and/or effects. If I had to offload all of my guitars and only keep one, it would be a 50’s style Telecaster. Leo Fender got it right all those years ago and it hasn’t been beaten yet. Any of the US, Mex or Japanese Teles are pretty good and all can be easily made better with a decent setup – frets, action and intonation. 


Check out Fender online or keep an eye on our mate Jeremy at Clingan Guitar Tone for a second-hand beast you can trust.