Red Cymbals

Red Cymbals have been an awesome supporter of ours for the past 12 months and more, so it makes sense to feature some of their awesome cymbals here, not to mention that as a member of the Tribe you get a special discount.

Drummers are loud, that’s just the way things are, so deal with it. But, you can reduce the volume a fair bit with some low volume cymbals, feel great, fun to play but not as loud. They reduce the overall volume by approx. 80%

A win all round.

Check out the demo video on YouTube – 

Stacks are cool too, they add some interesting, modern dynamics to your sound. Dylan and the crew at Red Cymbals are always experimenting and having fun with stacks. Check out the video and then get in touch with Dylan and make your own combo –

Shop Red Cymbals online at and as a member of the Tribe you get a 25% discount, contact Alan for the code to get the discount. After Pay and Zip Pay are available.