Sticks, Stick Bags & Accessories

Drums Sticks, seem obvious, doesn’t it? But you can never have enough (like snare drums), we see drummers with a single pair too often, what happens if you break a stick? And what happens if you drop a stick and no-one’s there to pick it up for you?

That’s where a Stick Bag comes in handy, you can hang it off the floor tom and fill it with mallets, sticks, brushes and other accessories ready for whatever your next gig throws at you. A decent Drum Stick Bag will handle 10-12 pairs of sticks and room for other accessories like a hit-hat clutch (another must have spare) and felts.

Add a cymbal sizzler to your setup when you have a gig with a bit more subtlety, maybe even with jazzy overtones. Does what it says – it sizzles.

The one thing never to forget is a drum key, get one that you can hang on your keychain so you’re never without it.

See what Jen Sholakis has in her Stick Bag.