HeyLaidy Guitar Straps

We all know guitarist are vain characters, they need to feel like they’re a god, so they need to look the part. Every guitarist needs an awesome Guitar strap (and matching belt if you’re into that).

Introducing the HeyLaidy Guitar Straps. If our very own Guitar God reckons it’s a good thing, then we can all agree. See what Phil has to say in the video at the bottom of the post (it may seem to be invisible) and then head online and grab one.

They’re handcrafted using eco-friendly hemp webbing, vegetable tanned leather and quality hardware and the most awesome thing is they’re Australian made.

Learn more HeyLaidy’s Etsy site.

If you invest in a great strap for your awesome guitar then you need to make an additional small investment to secure your axe – Strap Locks. Head to our mates at Guitar Paradise and grab some.