Rock Academy

July holidays here we come, whether it’s in person or online we’re going to be rocking, writing and performing one way or another.

Trivia Quiz

How good is your music knowledge? It’s time to put it to the test and challenge the rest of the Tribe. Sunday, May 10 – don’t miss out.

Virtual Rock Academy

It wasn’t that long ago that we all congregated at Bakehouse Studios ready to rock, how quickly times change.


While we wont be running a program in person these holidays we will be running our very first Virtual Rock Academy – fully online from workshops to performance.


Starting Monday, April 6 Virtual Rock Academy will launch a new era for our school holiday program.


Using online platforms we will be able to replicate certain elements of Rock Academy and create new challenges for all of our Young Lions.


So a three day program focused on writing one original song and delivering a music video for that song, then all put together for a Facebook Live show at the end of the week.


How, I hear you say, well we assume each Young Lion has a mobile phone with camera and access to a computer, that’s pretty much all that’s needed.


We’ll use Google Hangouts (or something similar) for our larger group sessions, which we’ll keep shorter and sharper, but will still allow for everyone to participate and interact.


Young Lions will be placed into bands to write an original song together, using a video conference platform with chat function and file transfers. Young Lions can use an audio interface (which many may already have) or just recording directly to computer or phone they can transfer files to each other until they have a full song layered up. 


It’s not the quality of the recording that matters, it’s the song, the collaboration and the creativity that matters, and with hurdles comes the challenge of thinking outside the box and solving problems together. 


We believe this connection can help us through a different and uncertain time in all our lives and help teach us how we can, and indeed must stay connected through this. The wheel must keep turning. Yes, “the show must go on”.


We will have a group session on recording at home with our amazing producer (Dean from Wrangler Studios) and guide everyone how to get best results, even drummers. From recording software, be it professional or free basic intuitive ones, to simply recording with a phone recorder (usually adequate to get the instrument part recorded and shared with the group). 


But that’s not all, we will be setting our Young Lions the challenge to create and produce a music video to complement their song. They decide and storyboard their video and record the elements and use available technology to put the video together. To help with this we have arranged a filmmaking / music video workshop to guide them, you can see some of Oli Sansom’s work here – 


So on Friday, April 10 at 7.30pm we’ll have the premier of the songs and videos created through the week, introduced by the mentors Live on Facebook.


That’s Virtual Rock Academy.


Rock Academy is committed to ensuring that our Young Lions remain connected and engaged in this uncertain time and the focus in these times is to educate and encourage collaborations using practices, technology and experience that are used worldwide with the biggest recording artists, producers, mixers, engineers, promoters, agents and record labels.


With the changes we are able to deliver this program at just $350.


To confirm or book your Young Lions spot at our very first Virtual Rock Academy click the button below.

Book now and Get Loud.



Some of the amazing mentors we have had are the cream of the crop of Australia’s musicians and include Phil Ceberano, Ash Davies (drumming legend), Nikki Nicholls (Farnham, Kylie), Karina Utomo (High Tension), Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe), Justin Burford (End of Fashion / Coco Blu), Finbar O’Hanlon (Jump Inc, Guitar God), Jimi Hocking (The Angels, Screaming Jets), Nick Barker,  Ecca Vandal, Glenn Reither (Icehouse), Kate Ceberano and Monique Brumby, Cam MacKenzie (Mark Seymour & The Undertow),  Ladyhood (Brihony Dawson) and Laura Davidson (AC/DShe, Bjorn Again), Paulie Stewart (Painters & Dockers), Fiona Lee Maynard (Have A Nice Day), Simon Hosford, Sam Vandenberg, Hanny J (Clowns), Jenny McKechnie (Cable Ties), Jen Sholakis (East Brunswick All Girls Choir), Larni Pearce (Creature Fear), Dean Tellefson (Tamahau, Wrangler Studios), Bec Sandridge, Max Moses, Rod Bustos (Vanessa Amorosi, Kate Ceberano), Emily Shaw (Lake Minnetonka), Ciarran Babbington (Bakers Eddy) and more.




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