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Tim Milroy

Over the last 8 years, Tim has been teaching guitar as well as working as a session guitarist for local musicians both on stage and in the studio.

Emma Adams

Emma Adams is manager and synth player in Perth based indie rock outfit Big Orange, and more recently the manager of alternative rock band The Wilds.

Justin Burford

Justin has had an impressive career in the music industry including two ARIA Awards, APRA Song of the Year nominations as the lead singer of End of Fashion.

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Aimee Francis

Hailing from Melbourne, Victoria, Aimee has been in the industry for years.

Finishing school at 16 to go to music college, moving to Los Angeles to pursue her career at 18 – it has been a whirlwind ever since, taking her not only to the US a number of times, but also moving her to Sydney and the UK.

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Dallas Frasca

“Sounds like Janis Joplin & Angus Young had a baby and baptised it in Bourbon”. – Rolling Stone.

Dallas is the namesake front woman of the three-piece, award-winning Australian rock outfit, Dallas Frasca. A stand-out of her class and an almighty presence on the mic. Frasca has not stopped for over a decade.